Wednesday, October 19, 2016

10th EU Anti Trafficking Day. A Call for Action

The 18th of October is the 10th EU Anti Trafficking day. This day is an opportunity to reflect on our anti-trafficking policies and a call for more targeted action. Last Tuesday, as General Secretary of the European Parliament Working Group on Human Dignity, I was involved in organizing an event on Human Dignity with the title "Combating Human Trafficking”. It was a very fruitful meeting that showed that there is substantial interest across political groups in the European Parliament on this issue. The event was hosted by MEPs Bastiaan Belder (ECR, Chair of the Steering Committe of the Working Group) and Diane Dodds (NA). Keynote speakers were: Lord Maurice Morrow (Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly) who tabled the latest law on prostitution in Northern Ireland based on criminalizing the client, Maria Vassiliadou, (EU anti-trafficking coordinator) and Frits Rouvoet (Director of Brightfame Foundation) who helps prostitutes in Amsterdam to leave prostitution. Besides, other MEPs of the working group contributed actively to this meeting. All participants agreed that efforts must be stepped up on a national and EU - level in order to stop this modern slavery.