Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Association of Christian Democrats in Eastern Europe shows their concern about the situation in Belarus

The Association of Christian Democrats in Europe (existing of the Christian Democratic People’s Party from Moldova, Christian Democratic Union of Armenia, Christian Democratic Union of Latvia, Christian Democratic Union of Ukraine, Christian Democratic Movement of Georgia, Christian Public Movement "Благодатная Россия", Christian Democratic Party of Belarus) expressed their concerns about the situation in Belarus in a joined declaration on their meeting on 22 October in Chisinau. Vladimir Plamadeala, board member of the ECPM participated to this meeting.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Will the Council of Europe impose a new definition of family, parents and children?

Controversial debates on the drafting of the “Recommendation on the Rights and Legal Status of Children and Parental Responsibilities”.

(Source: Gregor Puppinck, PhD, Director of the ECLJ, European Center for Law and Justice)
Between the 12th and the 14th of October 2011, the European Committee on Legal Co-operation (CDCJ) of the Council of Europe discussed a Draft Recommendation by the Committee of Ministers on the Rights and Legal Status of Children and Parental Responsibilities (see below the link to the document).. The first draft recommendation was drawn up by the Committee of Experts on Family Law (CJ-FA), and was adopted on the 27th May 2011, under the supervision of British scholar Nigel Lowe.  The text, as amended by the European Committee on Legal Co-operation (CDCJ), will be submitted, probably in the second half of November, to the Committee of Ministers for its further consideration and discussion, potentially on some new amendments, followed by its definitive adoption. At the CDCJ, a strong debate has divided States regarding the natural and moral foundations of the family.  
The recommendation aims to define a number of new common principles “updating” European Family Law to the social and scientific changes that have occurred in the past decades in parts of Europe in relation to family and procreation. The recommendation especially focuses on the establishment of affiliation in the context of unmarried couples and medically assisted procreation, for both different and same-sex couples. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Victory for Human Dignity: protection of the human embryo in judgment of the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Justice

(Source: European Dignity Watch)
On October 18, 2011, the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Justice has released its judgment in the human patentability case that was pending now for several years.
The Court states that “any human ovum after fertilisation, any non-fertilised human ovum into which the cell nucleus from a mature human cell has been transplanted, and any non-fertilised human ovum whose division and further development have been stimulated by parthenogenesis constitute a ‘human embryo’ This is a great victory for the protection of human dignity in Europe!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Good Morning Ukraine (Part 2): Human Dignity central in the Forum for Christian politicians

On my first day in Kiev I participated in the first Ukrainian Prayer Breakfast organized by the Christian Democratic Union of Ukraine. It was in the early morning when the city was still covered in fog. The day started with a wonderful prayer breakfast and the program was very well thought. I believe prayer and fellowship is the best way to start!

The second day aimed to go even deeper into the way Christian values can be implemented better in the political field. The party therefore organized a special forum for Christian politicians with the theme “Christian values in a globalized world.”

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Expert Document: No Right To Abortion Under International Law

San Jose Articles launched today at UN headquarters in New York

A new document launched today in New York clarifies once and for all that there is no right to abortion under current international law. The so-called ‘San Jose Articles’ contains nine articles which summarise the position of internationally binding treaties and customary law regarding abortion, drawing the conclusion that a right to abortion does not exist. Sovereign states, therefore, have no international obligation whatsoever to provide their citizens with access to abortion. 

This holds true even for the frequent claim that access to abortion should be provided for health, privacy, sexual autonomy or non-discrimination reasons. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Good morning Ukraine (part 1)

It was early morning on 21 September 2011. The hills of Dnipro stand as a symbol of the historical and cultural heritage of Ukraine, while offering a beautiful view of the city of Kiev. Although the sun has already risen, the city is still covered in fog that is slowly disappearing: it looks like Kiev is waking up. An historic event is taking place: the first Ukrainian National Prayer Breakfast and a forum of Christian politicians on “Christian values in a globalized world” are organized today. Are the hills and the waking up of the city not the best symbols you can give to these events? Will there be a waking up of politicians, representatives of religious institutions and churches, NGOs and institutions for a stronger collaboration in order to promote Christian values in the Ukraine? These were questions that occupied my mind when I stood on the hill, watching the city. The fog was soon disappearing.