About Leo

foto van Leo Van Doesburg.Leo van Doesburg is Director for European Affairs for the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM), a European political party committed to promoting Christian Democratic values with its social expression in public life. He graduated Commercial Economics and International Management Studies from Ichthus Higher Business Studies in Rotterdam, Faculty Economy and Management, and has worked in the business sector for several years before becoming involved in the political field.

He lives in Brussels and is actively involved in policy-making at various national and European institutions in Brussels and Strasbourg and has offered many trainings and courses on Christian Democracy, Freedom of Religion & Conscience, Family Values, Human Dignity and Peace & Reconciliation. He cooperates with other Christian organisations and participates in panel discussions and debates concerning Christian politics.

In 2011 he was awarded the Conscience and Freedom Award for diligently promoting religious freedoms in Europe, in 2013 he was awarded in the recognition for the fight against Roma discrimination in East Europe by the International Romani Union.


  1. Hello Leo, the link to ECPM is not working anymore. For the rest it's a great block

  2. Thank you for your remark, I just fixed the dead link.

  3. Thank you for all of your hard work in Eastern Europe. We appreciate your sacrifice and service. Will you be back in Moldova any time soon?

  4. Would love to have you come and speak. Is there a link where we can connect with your office. Thank you,
    Lana Packer

    1. Yes, you can contact me via lvdoesburg@ecpm.info More information about my the ECPM you will find here: www.ecpm.info

  5. I read your blog posts in the last hour. I really enjoy what you are doing here.Thank you for helping people get the information The Latvian Leo