Tuesday, November 26, 2013



There is no doubt that Christianity had a great impact on the start of European cooperation in the 20th centrury. The European project was initiated by founding fathers who, inspired by the Christian faith, had a vision to promote peace and reconciliation in Europe. To what extent is the European Union, more than half a century later, still driven by this vision? And what are the contemporary currents for a new Christian paradigm in an age of social and economic confusion? 

The European Christian Political Movement warmly invites you to
"The Impact of Christian Thinking on the European Project: Past, Present & Future"

European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium, 3 December 13:30-17:00 hrs



13:30-15:00 Founding Fathers: How Christian inspiration led to peace and reconciliation in a war-torn continent (Room: ASP 5G3) (Host: Peter van Dalen, MEP)

  • Margriet Krijtenburg (on behalf of the Schuman Centre for European Studies)
  • Dr. Giuseppe Zorzi (Director of the Foundazione Trenting Alcide De Gasperi)
  • Miguel Ángel Martín Ramos  (Board member of the Jean Monnet Association)
  • Antoinette Spaak (Former MEP, Fondation Paul-Henri Spaak)  tbc

15:30-17:00 Contemporary Currents: The Need for a new Christian inspired Paradigm in an Age of Social and Economic Confusion (Room: PHS 1C 047)
(Host: Ewald Stadler MEP)

Topics and Speakers:
  • Relational Thinking as a New Christian-inspired Paradigm: Jonathan Tame (Director Jubilee Centre
  • Human Dignity and the Fight against Human Trafficking: Sari Essayah (Member of European Parliament)
  • Christian Paradigm and Human Rights Valeriu Ghileţchi (MP, Moldova and member of Legal Affairs & Human Rights and first Vice President of the Committee of Social, Health and Sustainable Development of the Council of Europe)
  • Christian Inspiration as a Business Paradigm Peter Briscoe (Vice-President and Founder of Europartners)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Scandalous Estrela Report put back on the Agenda: Will special interests defeat Democracy and Freedom?

The scandalous Estrela Report on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights is back on the agenda! After heated debate, it was referred back to the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) by the october plenary session of the European Parliament. The report will be discussed in the second round in the FEMM Committee tomorrow, 26th of November. The Committee will vote on the report again, a necessary step for it to get in back to the plenary.

The proponents of this radical anti-freedom and anti-life report are very nervous: No debate will be allowed, no new amendments will be allowed to be tabled and the existing tabled alternative resolution, which was a good, non-ideological text, is completely banned from the agenda.

This means that the content of the report will be changed in cosmetic details at best, which means that MEPs will be asked to vote on the same toxic report which they referred back to the committee, because it was not acceptable to the majority of the house.

Source: European Dignity Watch