Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Controversial Bill on Euthanasia for Children in Belgium is rushed and will be voted this Thursday: an Analysis

In a previous post I wrote about the vote that is expected to extend Euthanasia to children in Belgium. In December I participated to a debate about this issue and I was shocked but also impressed about the studies Alex Schadenberg (International Chair of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition) showed there. 

The current euthanasia legislation showed so much shortcomings (for example the number of unreported cases on euthanasia is still quite high and more analysis you find in the link below). 

Moreover, legalizing a legislation also changes a mentality. Despite of the big number of unreported cases in Belgium, there are not a lot of cases that are legally persecuted. In the Netherlands, the ChristenUnie plans to organize a hearing on euthanasia because a person was euthanized because he was afraid not be able to live without his work after his pension. 

In a letter signed by 160 pediatricians signed a letter calling the Belgian Members of Parliaments not to vote for this controversial law. (see also in the analysis below) 

Also the Council of Europe showed its serious concerns on the Belgian Bill on euthanasia for children as their written declaration shows

Despite of all of this, the Bill seems to be rushed through the different Chambers of the Parliament even without a throughful analysis of the current legislation and the consequences of this new legislation. The government is blind for all these concerns and  may be fast-tracking the bill to stop the euthanasia debate that has led to information about how the euthanasia law is out-of control becoming known by the public.

It seems that the Christian-Democrats in the coalition do not choose for an openly resistance to this law and will loose its credibility which is not smart a few months before the next elections.

Please find a detailed analysis here about the situation concerning euthanasia in Belgium and an analysis of the proposed Bill on euthanasia for children here (also with interesting links for further information)