Wednesday, November 2, 2016

THE PRO-ABORTION LOBBY SHOWS ITS TRUE FACE But... what should be our answer?

The issue of abortion came again in the forefront recently. In the Polish Parliament, there was a debate on a Bill for a stricter ban on abortion. Of course, the pro-abortionists used this opportunity to criticize this effort and to frame the people who want to protect the life of the unborn. Interestingly, they are also openly proclaiming that abortion is an EU competence neglecting the legal limitations of the EU. One week before, another meeting was organized in the European Parliament by the S&D Group where they discussed about what to do with doctors or midwifes who can not perform abortions because of their conscience. The freedom to choose does not seem to be valid for doctors with another worldview. 

That's why they are pushing them to act against their conscience. The pro-abortionists or the so-called, "freedom to choose" movement showed its real face going against freedom and against democratic restraints. They believe that other opinions or views should be restrained legally and people should be pushed to act against their conscience even if other solutions are possible. Why? Because the pro-abortionists do not like to have space for people with another worldview. Therefore I would propose them to change the latest logo of the pro-abortionists movements with the title "All of Us" into "All for us" which probably would fit much better with their aims.