Friday, September 2, 2016

Turkish invasion in Syria is a serious threat for the security in Europe

ECPM MEP Branislav Skripek (ECR) organized a press conference yesterday in the European Parliament that focused on developments in Syria after the Turkish invasion. Speakers besides Mr. Skripek were: Saleh Muslim vice-president from the Kurdish Party in Syria and David Vergili from the European Syriac Union. You can read the full press release here.

Syrian Democratic Forces are the solution for Europe's security and refugee crisis 

The turkish invasion in Syria is a serious threat to the security of Europe


If Europe wants to see an end to the terrorist threat of ISIS/Da'esh there is only one way forward. We need to support the Syrian Democratic Forces who are by every account the most effective force against ISIS.The Turkish invasion in Syria is therefore a serious threat to the security of Europe.

The Syrian Democratic Forces are the defence force of the Democratic Self Administration (DSA) in Northern Syria. MEP Skripek stated: "I have visited this region myself. This DSA is the Middle East we all hope to see developing. Kurds, Arabs and Syriac Christians work together to create a new society in which for example women are free and where is democracy and freedom of religion. It's true, I have seen it myself and with me have many others, including colleague MEPs. The DSA does not only defeat ISIS but also replace it with real governance and a real alternative society. Furthermore they are prepared to take in the refugees that are now flowing from Syria to Turkey. This means that Turkey will in time no longer be able to use refugees in the negotiations with the EU.

However, if we allow the Turkish army to destroy the Syrian Democratic Forces, how can we expect to see ISIS defeated? How then can Syria's IDP stay in Syria? Almost all ISIS attacks in Europe were in some way connected to ISIS in Syria. So we need to end the problem at its roots." 

For this reason, MEP Branislav Skripek calls on the EU and the US to support the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Self - Administration of Northern Syria. They need to stop Turkish aggression and demand that Iraqi Kurdistan opens the borders to the Self - Administration immediately for humanitarian aid. MEP Branislav Skripek: "If we are serious about these problems in Europe we need to act very soon!"

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