Monday, November 16, 2015

Terror in Paris

ECPM calls for a united front against terrorism

I was shocked when I learned the news of the terrible terrorist attack that befell innocent citizens and visitors of Paris last Friday. My heart is full of sorrow and concern. I pray for the victims, their families and friends as well as for protection for the people in Paris who now live in fear. Right after this terrible tragedy, ECPM made the following statement:

The ECPM is shocked and deeply saddened over the terrorist violence and many victims in Paris. We deeply sympathise with all who lost a beloved one or dear friend. Our prayers are with them. We stand with the people of Paris and the French government who now face an incredible challenge.

ECPM Board Member and MEP Branislav Skripek: "I am trying to find the right words, but at least I want to express my condolances to all who lost a loved one in France. I am praying God will grant his comfort and peace during this time."
The terrorist attacks in Paris, which ISIS claimed responsibility for, prove once again that not a single country in the EU can be safe without fighting roots of terrorism globally inside and outside Europe. We cannot give in to this threat and should consolidate all our allies to honor the victims in Paris through united courage and perseverance in our global fight for freedom and prosperity.
The Paris tragedy shows that this is an assault not only on Paris or the people of France, but an attack on the whole civilized world and the universal values we share. Every single country in the EU and beyond are obliged to join forces to fight against terrorism.

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