Friday, June 6, 2014

Trend Continues in Central and East Europe: Slovakia Defines Marriage in Constitution as a Union between a Man and a Woman

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Yesterday, the 5th June 2014, a large majority of the Slovakian Parliament voted to define marriage as "a unique bond between a man and a woman". With this decision, the Slovak Republic followed Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Hungary and Croatia. It is becoming clear that more and more Central and Eastern European countries choose to protect the definition of marriage and do not succumb to influenced exerted by large LGBT pressure groups. Interestingly enough, however, mainstream international media like Euronews do not mention these developments at all, which only proves how biased the press is.

The Slovak decision reiterates, once again, that the definition of marriage should never be an EU competence, but that the member states should always decide this for themselves. It is also interesting that this issue seems to increasingly divide West Europe from Central and Eastern Europe. I am curious to see whether Western countries who advocate for same-sex marriages will respect the freedom of these countries to amend or establish their national constitutions based on the will of their people: a freedom they have fought for 25 years ago.

The amendment was supported by Social-Democrats (SMER) and Christian Democrats (KDH) and was passed with an impressive majority in the chamber: 102 parliamentarians voted in favor of the constitutional amendment, while 18 voted against.

According to the website Turtlebay and Beyond, the Constitution was amended to make attempts to re-define marriage less likely in the future and that this amendment seeks to go further than banning same-sex “marriages”. Its explanatory referendum specifies that “it will be impossible for the rights and duties associated with marriage to be conferred in any way other than a legally recognized union between a man and a woman". Although only in an explanatory memorandum, the statement seeks to outlaw any form of union for same-sex couples."

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