Saturday, June 22, 2013

ECPM calls on EU member-states to respect the fundamental freedoms of conscience, faith and speech

ECPM calls on EU member-states to respect the fundamental freedoms of conscience, faith and speech against the growing trend of imposed ideology. ECPM: ,,The EU Charter of fundamental rights should be respected by its governments”

The ECPM is worried over an unprecedented wave of incidents and legislation across Europe that threaten fundamental freedoms of European citizens and violate the Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union.

The French police has repeatedly used needless violence against those demonstrating against gay marriage (‘Le Manif Pour Tous’). Around 300 non-violent people have been arrested without being charged, among them elderly people, teenagers, pregnant women and even blind persons. Simply wearing a ‘Manif Pour Tous’ T-shirt has been used as pretext for 24-hours detention. Political leaders like Mrs. Boutin of the PCD have been hit into unconsciousness or arrested. The refusal of the French government to end this violence gives the impression of intimidation of political opposition.

The French government is now set to impose the "gender theory" via a new compulsory sex education course targeted at all children aged 6 and older in all state and private schools (including denominational schools). Imposing this unscientific ‘gender theory’ is indoctrination and a violation of article 14.3 of the Charter of fundamental rights of the EU.

In Croatia the petition for a referendum ‘obitelji U ime’ (In the name of the family) has faced physical violence from opponents. The petition aims to define marriage in the constitution as a communion of a man and a woman. After a call to attack this initiative by its opponents, countless signed petitions were torn apart, tables overturned and volunteers vilified. Although 50 cases of violence have been reported to them, the police refused to take any action.

In the UK opponents of the gay marriage bill of the government have been denied high-level conference locations and experienced cancellations of reservations with a reference to ‘equality legislation’. This means that it appears to be unlawful to oppose a proposal from the government to redefine marriage. It is clear that such a result of ‘equality’ legislation violates democracy.

The House of Representatives of the Dutch Parliament adopted legislation that will ban those who disagree with gay marriage from the position of wedding registrar. According to the Dutch Council of State this leads to a discriminatory outcome of banning all those with a religious background from these positions.

All described incidents and legislation fit in an ongoing European trend that those who disagree with gay marriage and the new ‘equality agenda’ or ‘gender theory’ are not treated with the same protection of fundamental rights as their opponents. Article 20 of the EU Charter of fundamental rights states that everyone is equal before the law. The described incidents are violations against articles 6, 10 and 11 of this Charter (which protect security, freedom of conscience and expression). These violations cannot be tolerated in the EU. The ECPM calls therefore all governments in the EU to uphold the fundamental rights of the union for all citizens.

Any debate in society and politics has to avoid violence and insult and disagreements have to be debated in mutual respect for each other. The ECPM will continue to encourage its members and associates in entering sensitive debates with this attitude that respects the human dignity of all.

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