Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The First Conference on Family Policy & Launch of the Christian Movement of Montenegro

The first conference of family policy in Montenegro was held on Thursday, November 7th 2012 in Podgorica, Montenegro, organized by the Christian Movement of Montenegro (CMoM), in cooperation with the European Christian Political Movement. The conference brought together over 40 people from political and public life, directors of the municipal centres for social work, sociologists, psychologists, lawyers and publicists. Notable personalities who participated include the Secretary General of the President's cabinet, Mr. Drazen Miličković and head of the office of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Podgorica, Mrs. Sanja Sljivancanin.

It should be particularly noted that the delegation of ECPM and CMoM, represented by Leo van Doesburg, Eunice Vatran and Lav Lajovic, was hosted by the President of Montenegro, Mr. Filip Vujanovic, who gave his enthusiastic support for the projects organized by ECPM and CMoM in the area of family policy and expressed willingness to assist our future activities in Montenegro.

(by: Zvetlana Lajovic & Eunice Vatran-Dugulescu)

On an inaugural tone, the conference was opened by Lav Lajovic, coordinator of the CMoM, who addressed the audience with a welcoming speech. Lajovic also introduced elements of the Initial Programme of Action in the area of Family Policy and his organization’s requirements toward competent state authorities.

The prologue was followed by the speech of Leo van Doesburg, External Affairs Manager of the ECPM, who presented the experiences of the countries of Western Europe in the field of family policy and the need to define position and standards for European states. He discussed about the negative consequences if the protection of family is not central in developing policies. He also handed brochures on comparable practices in the field of tax policy and incentive measures against violence to the representatives of CMoM.

Mr. Vlatko Simunovic, a member of the CMoM, presented the organization’s program and objectives, emphasizing that CMoM plans to promote a new, Christian democratic view of the issues that emerged in human existence in the 21st century. The basic teachings of Christian social thinking promotes the common good and social progress, cooperating with everyone, regardless their religion and nationality. Such values create the premises for social justice, freedom, peace and well-ordered society. Christianity thus offers a good set of principles for an advanced population, and not anachronistic, dogmatic and regressive ideology.

The discussions continued with Ms. Remzija Ademovic, deputy minister for social welfare and child protection who spoke on behalf of the Ministry of Social Affairs. She pointed out the accomplishments of Montenegrin society in the area of family policy. She presented the legislative and institutional framework, and their role in the development and protection of the family.

Sociology Professor Dr. Borivoje Djukanovic presented the family’s role in preventing socio-pathological changes and Nebojsa Savic, family and marital therapist from Belgrade, spoke about their practical experiences in preserving the marital community.

An additional highlight was the speech of Law professor Dr. Veljo Rakocevic, who spoke on fighting criminal offenses against marriage and the family. Ms. Ana Nives Radovic, project manager of CMoM, then presented comparative European models in the field of tax policy and budget allocations for the financial support of their families.

After the lunch break, the work continued in two separate workshops. The first one was associated with the topic of martial relations as a foundation of a stable family, while the second was related to children rights and parental rights.

The conference also had good media coverage, as conference participants had the opportunity to be guests in three shows on national television.

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