Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My acknowledgement for the 15th place on the European Pro-Life Personalities list

On the 10th October 2012, the European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development organized a meeting entitled "Anti-Choice Opposition in Europe: Recent trends in the global war on women on the European front". This Forum presents itself as a network of MPs from across Europe who are interested in protecting women's sexual and reproductive rights, supporting the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development. During this meeting, a list with the "Top 27 European Anti-choice Personalities" was presented and spread. I was classified as no 15 on this Top 27. 

My official reaction is that it was for me an honor to learn that the activities to protect life have been clearly visible and note-worthy in the eyes of this European Parliamentary Forum. From all the Europeans, they classified me with a prominent place in this Top. Also both the ECPM and the ECPF were frequently mentioned in the annexe describing the "anti-choice landscape at national levels of 32 European countries".
Although it is flattering to see my name and organization mentioned in these documents, they have picked an entirely inappropriate title for this classification of European personalities. I would characterize myself as "pro-life" but certainly not as "anti-choice". I want to defend the right to live of the unborn, who are not able to choose for themselves against the rights of the woman who wants to kill the unborn. Moreover, many of the pro-abortion movements see the ending of the life of the unborn mostly as the only and best choice. The discussions in the media and in the parliamentary health commission in Romania concerning a legislative proposal offering the women mandatory counseling before abortion, really proved this. The media and commission were attacking this proposal fiercely, but does the unwillingly pregnant woman not really have the right to choose for life or for death of the unborn child? Who is "anti-choice" in this respect? 

So, thank you European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development for granting me the honor to be amongst the top 27 European Personalities. However, change the name from anti-choice into pro-life and I would be honored to spread and publish this list everywhere I can.

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  1. Each choice is a limited choice and hard choices are often made by the representatives of a collective. But what would be the choice of those who are wilfully deprived of any opportunity to make a choice on this earth for ever? So if people seek righteousness in order that those who could be born can make many choices for themselves, how on earth is it possible that their efforts are called anti-choice? If someone wants to become thankful for his own life, let he or she search the unexpected opportunities that can make those little ones to become thankful as well.