Sunday, September 23, 2012

Symposium From Theory to Practice, 3 October Palace of Parliament

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I.        Framework
Although the evolution of EU Romanian integration has engendered many positive changes, a further continuation of political reforms meant to unsure an efficient separation of powers (legislative, executive and judicial) is necessary, with the view to granting the principles of the rule of law and to enhancing a democratic culture, representative for the Romanian people. 

Consequently, there is still a need to create a more efficient system of checks and balances, to adopt measures which can consolidate the constitution of an independent judicial system as well as a public press and free massmedia. Mention the fact that these conclusions can also be found in the bi-annual evaluation reports of the Verification and Cooperation Mechanism, which is concerned with a good functioning of an independent judicial system as well as with observing the democratic institutions and the Rule of Law.  

II.      Event proposal
Wishing to support Romania both in the evolution of EU integration and adherence to the Schengen space, ECPM proposes the organization of a symposium and a round table to which all the interested parties will be invited. This event will be organized in the Romanian Parliament on the 3rd of October 2012 by ECPM in collaboration with the Netherlands Institute for Multi Party Democracy, the Ecumenical Prayer Group of the Romanian Parliament and with the Netherlands Embassy in Romania as well as with different Romanian politicians, NGOs and institutions. 

We hope that constructive discussions will further generate conclusions concerning the basic principles and the necessary reforms for the consolidation of a constitutional stable Romanian state, based on European and Democratic values, which will support the continuation of the integration process in both the European Union and the Schengen space.

III.       Objectives

a.      Immediate goal
A “Synthesis” of debates and conclusions following the Symposium will be elaborated and printed, with emphasis on ideas referring to the basic principles and the necessary political reforms concerning an efficient separation of powers (legislative, executive and judicial), with a view to granting the principles of the state of justice and to enhancing a democratic culture, representative for the Romanian people. The “Synthesis” will be made available for all Romanian parties and political forces, being a possible basis for the debates in the upcoming electoral campaign and for the development of government policies.

b.      Long-term objectives
1.      The increase of public debate level and the involvement of the civil society in the decision making process; 
2.      The diminishment of the impact of ideological differences upon the deliberation and formulation of public policies, in favor of common good;
3.      A better separation and balancing of state powers.
4.      The development of practical instruments used in depoliticization processes.
5.      The stimulation of constructive public debates upon the following themes:
-        the consolidation of the state of justice;
-        the depoliticization of the Romanian public administration
-       the making of an efficient and modern public management;

IV.       Target public

The event addresses the Romanian political and administrative factors of decision making (the members of the Romanian Parliament, representatives of Romanian authorities, Romanian leaders of political parties) as well as the representatives of the civil society (universities and NGOs concerned with democratization), members of diplomacy and media. 

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