Friday, March 9, 2012

European Commission finds it difficult to explain its funding for homosexual lobby groups

It was of course never to be expected that the European Commission, as a reply to critical questions from the European Parliament with regard to the generous funding it is handing out to ILGA-Europe (a homosexual lobby group), would openly acknowledge to have committed a misuse of budgetary funds. But if replies to parliamentary questions are evasive and not to the point, this can be viewed as a clear indication that the Commission finds it very difficult to explain to the public what it is doing.

Click here for an interesting article with the official asked questions of MEP Godfrey Bloom to the European Commission, the answers of different European Commissioners. Unfortunately it shows a lack of transparency in spending money, a strange relations with the Civil Society and a low level of democracy. This all in times of economic crisis where lots of money seemed to be wasted....... 

(Source: turtlebay and beyond)

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