Sunday, February 12, 2012

The ECPM rejects stigmatization Eastern-European workers by the Dutch "Party for Freedom"

The ECPM rejects a recent action taken by the Dutch ‘Party for freedom’ (PVV) against workers from new EU member-states. The PVV recently created a hotline for Dutch people to report behavior by workers from these states that ‘does not fit in Dutch culture’ and also to report so-called ‘job-stealing’ by mentioned workers.

We call on the Dutch government to distance itself from this action in clear terms. This is even more necessary considering the fact that this initiative is taken by a party that gives parliamentary support to the Dutch government.

 The ECPM reminds the Dutch government that workers from new EU member-states use only rights that have been granted to them by European treaties and legislation. The Dutch government should make clear that it respects these treaties.

At the same time there is a task for all governments in the EU to monitor the working-situation of all workers in Europe, regardless the member-state they come from. It is clear that not all employers respect the law and their employees. More action is needed to create equal treatment in equal working environments.

The ECPM sees this action of the PVV also as a worrying signal of a growing attitude in Western-Europe to divide the EU between a Western-European ‘Europe A’ and an Eastern-European ‘Europe B’. This is clearly against all the values the EU stands for. But recent debates at European level show the same arrogance when left-liberal Western-European politicians and organizations try to impose their liberal ideas at new EU member-states.

The ECPM will work on a fairer Europe where ‘old’ and ‘new’ EU member states are treated with equal respect. We call therefore on all Western-European politicians and governments to distance themselves from this arrogancy that could create a large divide in Europe. ECPM also urges especially Western European politicians to treat the people from new EU member-states and their values with equal respect and dignity.    

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