Thursday, January 12, 2012

Register now for CrossroadS the Christian Political Academy of The ECPYN!!!!

The Youth Association of the ECPN, the European Christian Political Youth Network (ECPYN) develops the special CrossroadS- Christian Political Academy .CrossroadS - Christian Political Academy provides a series of academy events with Christian democratic political content and professional skills for young political decision makers at national or European level, who are close to the Christian democratic political philosophy. The academic course has been prepared to offer training and inside knowledge not only on Christian Democratic issues, but also in a wide range of organisational and managerial skills. 

The target group is young (future) political decision makers at national or European level, who are close to the Christian Democratic political philosophy and are capable of sharing Christian Democratic social views through education and training, the exchange of information and experience, and network building. Participants will enjoy presentations and discussions regarding a variety of public policy issues including but not limited to Christian Democratic history, political theory and professional communication. Programme speakers include current and former elected officials, cabinet secretaries, business leaders and heads of non-profit organisations.

The ECPYN is looking for young, talented Christian-minded people, who are committed to European Christian democracy and have already shown ability and sufficient motivation. The training course will focus on theoretical, organisation and political leadership, with sought-after lecturers, team building mentors and manager-like coaches.

Criteria: participants should be public career-oriented young people between 18-30 of age actively involved in political life of the party or NGOs sharing Christian democratic values from all over Europe.

If you are interested, do not wait too long!!! The deadline is on 20 January 2012!! Find  here more information, aims, contents and the agenda of activities

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