Thursday, January 26, 2012

Campaign: In the Republic of Moldova "I DO NOT have the right of free speech!"

Together with Anca Bulica (Care for Europe), I wrote an article about the fact that with the proposal for the new anti-discrimination legislation in Moldova with as title: "Freedoms of Religion and Conscience under serious attack in the Republic of Moldova". You can read the article here. That this threat is serious (even before the acceptance of the proposed anti-discrimination law), is proven by the fact that Marian Vitalie is taken into court by the organization "Gender Doc-M" that defends the rights of sexual minorities in the Republic of Moldova. On August the 1st, the court issued a conclusion, by which he was banned from disclosing to the public while the charges against him have not been proven by the court yet. 

Even in case the new law on anti-discrimination would not be accepted by the Moldovan parliament, it seems that already the freedom of expression is in quite danger in the Republic of Moldova. Therefore he started a campaign: "In the Republic of Moldova I DO NOT have the right of free speech". 

I am not talking now about the question whether you agree with his views or not, but about the fact that the freedom of expression should be protected. This is also stated in the EU Charter of Fundamental rights. Although Article 21 is protecting the rights concerning Sexual Orientation, it also expresses “the freedom of thought, conscience and religion (Art. 10 of the Charter) or for the “Freedom of Expression and information” (Art. 11 of the Charter). Join Marian Vitalie's action and read his press release below.

In March 2011, as the administrator of my own personal blog, I was taken to court by the organization “Gender Doc-M”. This is an organization that defends the rights of sexual minorities in the Republic of Moldova. I was being prosecuted for expressing my opinion about the homosexual lifestyle. On August the 1st, 2011 upon the request of “Gender Doc-M”, the court issued a conclusion, by which I was banned from disclosing to the public the charges that the organization representing the rights of the homosexuals brought against me (which haven't been proven by the court yet).

I consider this decision to be a defiance of my rights to free speech, the right guaranteed by both the Constitution and Law nr. 64 about the freedom of expression. I also state the fact that the LGBT community of Moldova began an extensive harassment campaign against those who have a different opinion about homosexuality. Here I would like to mention recent cases such as: “Gender Doc-M” vs. Privesc.Eu, “Gender Doc-M” vs. etc.
In this respect, starting with today, January the 21st, 2012, I launch a ”silent” protest on my blog under the title “In the Republic of Moldova I DO NOT have the right of free speech”, by which I express my disapproval in the violation of my right to freedom of thought, opinion and public expression.
My “silent” protest will last until February' 21, 2012.

Marian Vitalie, blogger
Mob. +373-60-189-672


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