Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kyrgyzstan part II (final): about society, cowboys and timezones

The second day, our new friends showed me the capital Bishkek. A quite Asian-Soviet-European city with many parks. In front of the parliament a monument reminds us about the victims of the last year's war. After this, I gave the second part of the course. The course was nearly finished or I was brought to a group
existing of Representatives of Christian NGOs and Christian journalists.

They were interested in starting a movement to promote Christian values in the Kyrgyz society. As a minority it is not easy
to promote their values and interests. In some areas there were some situations like in a city where the mayor decided to unburry the Christians and to remove them to another place. Although this is already terrible, for a country where the graves where families and certain tribes are burried, it is even more sensitive.
It is good as Christians to be constructive. It was good to see that there are effective people within the group and the Evangelical Alliance plays also an important and good role in Kyrgyzstan. They were very interested in receiving more materials from the ECPM and were even open to look for possibilities to start an Asian Christian Political Movement based on the same principles as the ECPM. In the evening they invited me for
a dinner. they explained me also that some want to be involved in politics. I suggested them to collaborate with the party.

After days of constructive meetings and discu ssions, Ainura (coordinator for "7 April" party, Asel (our coordinator and contact person in Kyrgyzstan), Ekaterina (our friend and ECPM contact person from Russia), and me we went to the famous Issyk-Kul Lake with its beautiful surroundings. We went a day to the mountains where we had a picnic. The trip was already beautiful with a view on the canyons. We passed the road leading to China. We were just 300 k
m from the border. The mountains were very beautiful with groups of mountain horses driven by Kyrgyz cowboys (better called horseboys). The wild nature is difficult to compare.

After wonderful days in the mountains and at the lake we went back to Bishkek. Packing and eating and then in the taxi to the airport. It was early morning. I would have a trip of 20 hrs in totally. Trav eling from Bishkek to London, waiting five hours there, then to Vienna, waiting three hours there and then to Timisoara. Also passing five timezones. However I could sleep
well in the plane to London also I was praying for the beautiful country, the wonderful people but also for peace and stability. I started to love the country which has conquered a special place in my heart and mine! We could learn a lot from the people there.

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