Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ECPM attacked by the European Humanist Federation

As a reaction on the Green Paper of the European Commission concerning the automatic recognition of civil status documents (see the article on "Will the EU define marriage"), the European Humanist Federation did not comment to the questions asked by the Commission. Instead, the Federation is attacking the ECPM, CARE, Human Dignity Watch, the World Youth Alliance, and Salt and Light. Calling us: "efficiently organised and well financed but unrepresentative minority religious pressure groups whose aim appears to be to stifle the initiative at birth." And further: "It is our opinion that they are not representative even of most Christians in Europe." Their reaction on the green paper you find here

The European Humanist Federation mentioned also our article about "Will EU define marriage". It is interesting how undemocratic these statements are. We are not defining our own values shared by a minority of Christians. The Christian traditional values are still shared by the majority of the population of the European Union. This is reflected in the fact that only a few member states did recognize same-sex marriages (the bigger majority of the Member States do not recognize same sex marriages and some countries even establish the traditional definition of marriage between one man and one woman in their constitution and civil codes).

It is interesting that the ECPM is seen as a "religious minority pressure group" while they are officially recognized by the European Parliament as a European political party.

Hopefully the European Commission will look democratically to this problem, taking into account the will of the majority of the population in Europe.

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  1. It seems to me that there is something more positive:

    - "pressure group": is quite a compliment!
    - "religious minority": I suppose EVERYTHING that has any connection with religiosity will be too much for the humanists and they are simply ignoring the ecumenical character of ECPM

    If they are reacting then they are worried about the impact ECPM has in the European politics!:)