Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Russian trip part V (final): Goodbye Moscow

After a bit longer sleep than the days before I had an interesting discussion with two representatives working in the parliament. We discussed about the ways for collaboration. It was a long but constructive and friendly discussion. Many opinions about the current political situation were shared. It will be an interesting time because both Putin and Medvedev will probably candidate for the next year's presidential elections.

They suggested to organize a conference in the Russian Parliament, an interparliamentarian conference to discuss human dignity within the Russian context. If there is central approval, they would like to organise this in collaboration with the ECPM.

In the afternoon I had a meeting with the majority of members of the newly formed movement. First they discussed the working name of the movement. This discussion was led by Ekaterina. The working name became "Christian Civic Movement". After this I explained shortly the already famous "hour glass modell", a scheme which explains how to start a movement or a party. I explained that you have to develop first a vision document based on the Gospel and a vision on state & government, followed by a program, positions etc. After this they made a list of responsibilities for each member of the initiation committee. It was not an easy meeting but it became fruitful. The target was that after the conclusion of the conference the movement started with a plan. The hour glass model helped them to structure their ideas.

The next day I went with one of the volunteers and coordinator for Russia for the Haggai institute to the Center of Moscow. To say goodbye to the famous red square and to drink a coffee in the famous shopping mall there. We went to see as well some underground stations that were really like small museums. I can recommend everyone to go and see these wonderful underground stations.

Above the ground there was a cold wind and it was snowing again. I saw this as a sign that although an impressive beginning has made, the reality of each day in Russia is still hard. We must put all the shoulders together under the wheel to realise our vision: a new spring in this country with so many people that suffered already for too long....

I took the night plane to a whole other destination: Kyrgyzstan, the last destination for this journey.

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