Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Hungarian Constitution would not mention sexual orientation and focus on marriage-only families

Hungary, 4 Mar 2011 – Parliament is currently discussing the draft Constitution (PDF Hungarian) submitted by an ad-hoc committee. The Constitution does not mention sexual orientation as a forbidden ground for discrimination and protects only family based on marriage, defined to be a union between a man and a woman. The final vote should take place at the end of April.

When the centre-right government took power, it announced the drafting of a new constitution. The Committee is headed by Jozsef Szajer, an MEP of the ruling party, and by two other members, Gergely Gulyas of Fidesz and Laszlo Salamon of the Christian Democrats. The wording of Article 9 does not mention sexual orientation, even though it could be understood to be included [Budapester Zeitung report, in German]. Article 7 defines marriage and protects family. The suggested text reads: "The Constitution . . . places marriage as the most fundamental and natural union between man and woman . . . and the family stemming therefrom under special protection".

The Socialist Party is protesting against the procedure chosen for the revision by not taking part in the discussion.

Source: (article is from Alexander Schuster)

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