Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Croatia's EU Scepticism Deepens

Croatians' scepticism of the European Union has been growing from month to month, with 41 per cent expressing themselves against membership in March.

Over the last year an additional 1.1 per cent more Croatians have come out against European Union membership, the latest CRO Demoscop survey shows. However, on balance public opinion remains in favour of joining with 48.9 per cent still supporting Croatia's entry.

Support was at its strongest last June (53.1 per cent), and then dropped below 50 per cent for the remainder of the year.

The strongest supporters of Croatia’s membershipare supporters of the conservative Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, (63.6 per cent), with members of the Croatian Labourers – Labour Party, the Croatian People’s Party – Liberal Democrats, HNS, the Social Democratic Party, SDP, the IDS the Croatian Party of Pensioners, HSU all marginally in favour of membership.

Older Croatians are more positive towards EU membership than the younger generations, while there are no differences amongst genders, the portal Dalje writes.


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