Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Balkan trip day 8: The road to Montenegro

This morning we woke up earlier, because we would have a long trip today. We left around 08:00 hrs from the hotel where we stayed. A great place only two tram-stops from the center of Zagreb. It was nice weather although still quite cold and the temperature showed minus 7 degrees. However the weather soon became warmer and the environment changed and so did the weather. We quickly reached the coast and while we in the beginning of the trip were walking on ice and snow, now it was nice spring weather with a clear blue sky (with a temperature of around plus 13 degrees! A difference of 20 degrees between the morning we left and the afternoon. Together with the beautiful surroundings, I thought already about the summer. The road was good, and we stopped in Dubrovnik to see the panorama of the city. After Dubrovnik we had to leave the highway and it took a long time before we reached Kotor, a beautiful city on the coast in Montenegro where we had our dinner. After the dinner we went further to Podgorica where we arrived around 22:00 hrs. In Podgorica we met our contact person Sinisa who brought us to the guesthouse. There was not too much news today and I am happy about it, because it was only a day of traveling and after the problems we faced between the Bosnian and Croatian border last time, I was relieved that we arrived sound and safely after a long trip.

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