Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Balkan trip day 3: Rest and travel

Today it was a day of rest and travel. In the morning we went for a coffee and a Serbian breakfast (we got Pleskavica with French fries) in a small cafeteria on the banks of the Danube river. When we finished, I showed Auke and Annechien the fortress.

The park was nice, the weather great and the fortress looked more beautiful then I saw before because of the clear weather and sun, and the (probably) last snow of this winter. After this we went by car for the long trip to Sarajevo.After traveling through the city to find the right bridge (we almost went a bridge too far), we started a long trip. Auke found a shortcut so we passed Tuzla. We stopped there for a coffee and to eat something. I tried to contact some friends from the Wave project for a coffee, but they were unfortunately not in the city. It was actually not that bad, because after we left Tuzla we were confronted with a big fog and because it was dark, it was not easy to travel. However after a difficult road accompanied by the nice music of Balkan 2000 in the background, with roads that went up and down (and so were our moods sometimes :-)). We arrived tired but happy and safe in our pension/hostel in the center of Sarajevo where a very friendly host (68 years old Bosnian) was waiting for us and prepared even sandwiches for us with a traditional cheesecake (made of pancakes, cheese and so on). We were thankful that we arrived safely in Sarajevo: our forth stop after Vršac, Pančevo, and Belgrade.

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