Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Balkan trip day 2: the new ECPM members

This morning we went to Pancevo where we met the leadership of the Alliance of Romanians in Vojvodina a party that became member of the ECPM. In an emotional discussion they explained the challenges of the Romanian minorities in Novi Sad and... the difficult relation they experience with the Romanian authorities in Bucharest.We discussed also about the relation between Novi Sad and the minorities and Belgrade. After a long discussion we agreed that a constructive and positive dialogue should be developed amongst the minorities and with Belgrade: not based on confrontation but based on dialogue and negotiation.

In the afternoon we went to Belgrade and had a meeting with Dusica and the Serbian Christian Democratic Movement also a new member of the ECPM. It was good to speak with them and to hear that they already planned some trainings, investigating basic documents about Christian Democracy and different topics and formed already opinions on different actual issues. In the evening we went to diner together with Dusica who is also active in the Belgrade Business Initiative and in the activities of the ECPM for a long time.

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  1. I remember how this Christian Democratic Movement in Serbia translated some ECPM basic document into Serbian. I stumbled across this translation when googleing for something else. It seems this website is not online anymore. I'm curiuous to know more about the activities of the movement.
    Does this movement have any connections to the Christian Democratic Party that is in the parliament by the way?