Thursday, October 21, 2010

ECPYN regional Conference: Georgia and Post-Soviet Space in common European context

From October 28th to November 1th ECPYN will organize a Regional Conference in Georgia. The aim of this visit is to study local political situation, activities of Christian Democratic Movement and to discuss vitally important issues for Post Soviet countries, like integration in EU and European Structures.

During this conference we will work on promoting mutual contacts between political youth organizations and diffusing and exchange of knowledge and experience between participants. We want to create an idea about Georgia and its internal and external politics and provide participants with meeting Georgian political elite. We also want to extend participants knowledge in European integration and post-soviet space and promote international discussion between Post Soviet countries. A big part of the conference will also be the knowledge of the role of Christianity in post-soviet space and promote the Christian Democratic ideas.

More information you will find on the website of the ecpyn:

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