Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dear friends,

For a long time, people tried to convince me to make a blogspot where I could say a little bit about my travels, the things that are happening in Eastern Europe and my personal thoughts. However, I never have had time or opportunity to create one, but Jonathan van Tongeren and Auke Minnema - both involved in the activities of the European Christian Political Youth Network (ECPYN) – gave me a nice surprise and created this blog called: “Leo cel mare” (this is Romanian for “Leo the Great”).

They explained the title as follows: “This blogspot was presented to Leo by some friends, because he is a great guy, hence the title 'Leo the Great'.” Personally I think that they made a mistake in the interpretation. Besides „great”, the Romanian word „mare” can also mean „big” referring to size or volume. Maybe this meaning of „Leo cel Mare” could fit better for me!

But in any case whatever meaning is given to „Leo cel Mare”, I am very happy with the blogspot they created for me and will try to write and update it. Although I am not a great writer, a detailed analyst, or a poet, I hope that I can share a little bit about the events that are happening in Eastern Europe but also I am looking for your reactions and (especially) critical remarks.



  1. "Although I am not a great writer"
    You actually did quite well in this posting, Leo! I'm looking forward to more postings!

  2. Leo, I'm glad for you. It's great you started to write on this blog. I wish you lots of inspiration. All the best!