About ECPM

The European Christian Political Movement (ECPM) is a political association of Christian-democratic parties and organisations which are active at all different political levels in Europe. The ECPM is not affiliated to one of the groups in the European Parliament.

The ECPM aims to reflect and work on Christian-democratic politics in Europe from an explicit Christian-social view. We focus on the human being in its relationship to God, other people and the creation. We see this relational thinking as the heart of Christian-democracy. This platform started in November 2002 when representatives of political parties from more than 15 countries decided to examine new chances for Christian politics in Europe on the conference "For a Christian Europe" at Lakitelek, Hungary. The ECPM started with parties and organisations regardless their denominative background. Parties residing in and outside the EU participated in these first years and made it possible to create a movement that is solidly continuing. In 2003 the parties adopted a basic political vision in the Lakitelek declaration “Values for Europe” and in January 2005 in Tallinn the ECPM elected its first board. On 15 September 2005 ECPM was officially registered with statutes as an association under Dutch law.

At the moment a growing number of parties and movements is participating. Our goal is to build on Christian-democracy in Europe from an explicit Christian-social point of view. The movement has a broad scope on issues and themes. The ECPM offers an informal atmosphere. Parties, think tanks and individual politicians can participate in a broad range of ECPM activities such as conferences, seminars and trainings, and be involved in the further development of the ECPM.

The basic principles of the ECPM were summed up in the Declaration of Lakitelek II ‘Values for Europe’. In September 2007 the ECPM adopted a new basic programme ‘A Christian-social contribution to Europe’, which elaborates on our basic principles (see page 5). In the near future ECPM wants to establish new relations and strengthen its existing relations with political parties, think tanks and family organisations. ECPM membership is not for political parties and organisations only, but also for individual politicians. The ECPM is a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences and aims to strengthen the Christian Democratic thought and politics in Europe.

In 2010 the ECPM has been granted an official status at the European level by the European Parliament. This official recognition means that the ECPM will receive funding from the European Parliament. With this funding the ECPM can develop into an even larger forum for Christian-democratic parties and politicians. With the official status and the funding from Brussels the ECPM aims to become more visible in European politics and to become active in the European political debates. With its distinctive Christian-democratic profile, the ECPM is certain that it can offer constructive new ideas for the future of Europe.

The ECPM is a political network with 6 Members of the European Parliament and 45 Members of National Members of Parliament in 19 different European countries

If you are interested in the ECPM and its activities you can visit the website at www.ecpm.info

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